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Your questions about food and climate change

I’m convinced we need to do our part in fighting climate change and restore a more healthy environment. It’s definitely too late but everybody should contribute. The New York Times has a great overview on food impact on CO₂ emissions.

Does what I eat have an effect on climate change?

The world’s food system is responsible for about one-quarter of the planet-warming greenhouse gases that humans generate each year. That includes raising and harvesting all the plants, animals and animal products we eat — beef, chicken, fish, milk, lentils, kale, corn and more — as well as processing, packaging and shipping food to markets all over the world. If you eat food, you’re part of this system.

Is there a simple food choice I can make that would reduce my climate footprint?

Consuming less red meat and dairy will typically have the biggest impact for most people in wealthy countries. That doesn’t necessarily mean going vegan. You might just eat less of the foods with the biggest climate footprints, like beef, lamb and cheese.

It also contains some counterintuitive wisdom

But many other types of cheese, such as Cheddar or mozzarella, can have a significantly bigger footprint than chicken or pork, since it typically takes about 10 pounds of milk to make one pound of cheese.

Wait — cheese might be worse than chicken?

It depends on the cheese. But broadly speaking, yes, if you decide to go vegetarian by, say, eating cheese instead of chicken, your carbon footprint might not fall as much as you expect.

And finally a common misconception:

In general, packaging makes up only about 5 percent of global food-related emissions. What you eat matters a lot more for climate change than the packaging it comes in.

ECG coming to Europe?

I’ll be surprised if we get it so soon.

“for non-US regions “the ECG app is available on Apple Watch Series 4 with watchOS 5.2, paired with iPhone 5s or later with iOS 12.2 or later”.

A life saving feature coming with a software update. This is the future.


Apple released watchOS 5.2 enabling ECG in many european countries 🎉

FaceTime here we go again

Apple fixes another FaceTime bug in iOS 12.2 as well as many other nasty security related bugs.

FaceTime Available for: iPhone 5s and later, iPad Air and later, and iPod touch 6th generation. Impact: A user’s video may not be paused in a FaceTime call if they exit the FaceTime app while the call is ringing.

Update as soon as possible, if you can.


Volkswagen California

Whenever we can, we take our Cali, grab some food and go camping. Life is awesome!
Camping in Cali

Ski Mountaneering

Freedom and strength. The fatigue of going up is balanced by breathing fresh air surrounded by amazing and pure mountains. Also going downhill is pretty awesome.


LeleMy uncle Lele bought his first Mac in 1986. Everything started there, as the time spent with him is one of my first memories. My love for Apple is really strong.

Mi manchi zio ❤️


I really enjoy listening to (mostly tech) podcasts.

The ones I'm usually able to listen to every week are ATP, Connected, The Talk Show, Under the Radar and Upgrade.

I also really love using Overcast to play them.

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AGESCI - Ass. Guide e Scout Cattolici Italiani

My parents were scout (or better are still: one time scout, always scout) so I've been surrounded since my birth. I started as Lupetto at 8 and never stopped until my marriage in 2011, as I settled in Trento.

CAI - Club Alpino Italiano

Member since 1990.

Mountain lover.
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Università degli Studi di Trento

I have a master degree in Environmental Engineering.

Some really interesting stuff, but in the end side projects became my fulltime job.

Rifugio Città di Fiume

Rifugio FiumeI've helped my parents rebuilding and managing this amazing mountain hut in the Dolomites since 2005.


I founded this software development company in early 2009, but started developing iPhone apps the previous summer. In December 2013 I switched travel mates.


I founded this company on August 2012 to develop web services. During my tenure as CTO we developed Passdock.

I sold my stocks at end of 2014 and left the company.


Joined Dimension as head of mobile development in January 2014. I really enjoy crafting apps with this amazing team.


In 2016 I just started another company for my own projects and collaborations. It's a one man show.



The first iOS SDK to easily view PDF documents inside any app. FastPdfKit is used by hundereds developers, and choosen by world class brands.

EXMU - EXplora MUseum

An interactive museum guide designed to enhance contents and exhibitions, available for iOS and Android. Beware: beacons used heavily.


A platform conceived to easily genarate Passes for Apple Wallet and compatible apps.


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I'm nobody without my family
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