Executive MBA – one year in

Executive MBA – one year in

Over the past year, my intellectual life has undergone a radical transformation.

I had contemplated pursuing an #MBA in early 2022 and shared my thoughts with a select group of friends. However, during that same period, an opportunity for a #career change surfaced and I spent several weeks exploring that path. Ultimately, I decided to commit to the #Executive #MBA offered by Politecnico di Milano GSOM (formerly known as MIP). As of now, it has been exactly one year since I started attending classes, immersing myself in advanced and formal education after a hiatus of over 15 years. What an incredible journey it has been!

Here are some statistics that I would like to share with you:

  • I have taken 15 exams so far.
  • I have attended 74 live lessons.
  • I have read 21 MBA-related/suggested books.
  • I have watched and summarized 559 video clips.
  • On average, I have spent 17.5 hours per week studying.
  • The course I studied the most was Strategy with 102 hours.
  • During the top week I studied 38.5 hours.
  • My average grade is XY.X/30.
  • I've been in Milan 4 times.
  • But most importantly I have formed lifelong bonds with 36 amazing classmates.

Do I enjoy it? Absolutely.

Am I fatigued? Certainly.

Would I do it again? Without hesitation.