Matteo Gavagnin


Hiking Map

I’m building modern digital map suitable for hiking in the Alps as the existing ones are lacking too many basic features that you usually need if you are outdoor in the mountains.

WWDC Hardware Predictions

In less than a week Apple WWDC’s Keynote will take place and they will unveil some new stuff to 5000 developers (myself included) plus a bunch of journalists.


This will be my fifth WWDC as I had the opportunity to attend it since the 2012 edition (thanks Giovanni that gave me his ticket as he couldn’t attend). Then I won the lottery four times in a row from 2014 to 2017 🤷‍♂️.

Quantified Self

The quantified self concept and movement represent an area of great interest to improve the knowledge of yourself and a great stimulus to become a better person.

Bézier Curves

Few weeks ago I had the pleasure to prepare and host a lesson on Bézier Curves during the Analisi matematica con elementi di algebra course, part of the bachelor degree Interfacce e Tecnologie della Comunicazione taking place in Rovereto.

Magic Keyboard 2

Apple all but confirmed that the next MacBook Pro models will be unveiled tomorrow and will include support for Touch ID and a custom bar is going to replace the current top row of keys in the embedded keyboard.

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